Looking for a specialist in the world of marine hatchery fish?

Morten Deichmann has professional expertise from commercial aquaculture and can offer services to companies and investors regarding aqua-feeds, aquarium feeds, live feed, algae paste, equipment, marketing material, all aspects of marine fish hatchery operations and fish propagation as well as evaluation of investment projects, facility designs of hatcheries, broodstock holding facilities and public display aquariums.


Morten Deichmann holds a Master of Science and has worked in Europe, Asia and Australia. He has been hands on as well as overseeing multiple hatcheries for Kingfish and Mulloway producing millions of juvenile fish. Morten achieved several world firsts (broodstock airlift, induction, spawning, larval rearing and weaning) in an awarded Southern Bluefin Tuna project as operational and general manager/COO of Clean Seas in Australia. He has experience in business management, development of hatchery feeds and aquafeed premixes including marketing and sales from his time with the multinational hatchery feed producer INVE.
Morten has rearing expertise of Southern Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail Kingfish (Amberjack), Mulloway (Cob/Meagre/Drumfish) , Gilthead Sea Bream, Dover Sole, Dusky Grouper, European Seabass, Sheepshead Bream, Shi Drum (Umbrina), Dentex

a few incredible facts ...

Fish: 160 kg 190 cm Southern Bluefin Tuna
System: 3 million litre state of the art RAS/LSS for tuna broodstock
Hatcheries: Operating and overseeing 5 operations (2 Tuna, 2 Yellowtail Kingfish, 1 R&D) with a total of ca. 90 tanks in both flowthrough and RAS
Fingerlings: Up to 1.3 million Yellowtails to sea in one season
Tuna: Everything - helicopter transfer of broodstock, induction and spawning on land, larval rearing and weaning
Mulloway: Est. 750.000 larvae dah 28 in just 2 (8 m3) larval rearing tanks
Kingfish: 390.000 Yellowtail fingerlings from just 3 (8 m3) larval rearing tanks


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